How to Blur Your Background in Google Meet

How to Blur Your Background in Google Meet

Google Meet, one of the leading video conferencing platforms, offers a variety of features to enhance user experience. One such feature is the ability to blur your background, ensuring privacy and minimizing distractions. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to effectively blur your background in Google Meet, alongside tips and tricks to optimize your video conferencing experience.

Understanding the Importance of Blurring Your Background

Blurring your background during a video call can serve multiple purposes:

  1. Privacy: Ensures sensitive or personal items in your surroundings are not visible.
  2. Professionalism: Keeps the focus on you rather than your background.
  3. Reduced Distractions: Minimizes visual clutter that can distract participants.

Prerequisites for Blurring Your Background

Before diving into the process, ensure that your device meets the following requirements:

  • Updated Google Meet Application: Make sure you have the latest version of Google Meet installed.
  • Compatible Device: The background blur feature is supported on most modern desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Stable Internet Connection: A stable internet connection ensures the feature works smoothly without lag.

How to Blur Your Background Before a Meeting

Blurring your background before joining a meeting helps you start on a professional note. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Meet: Launch the Google Meet application or visit Google Meet on your web browser.
  2. Start or Join a Meeting: Click on “New Meeting” to create a new meeting or enter a meeting code to join an existing one.
  3. Access Background Settings:
    • On Desktop: Click on the three dots (More options) in the bottom-right corner of the preview screen.
    • On Mobile: Tap on the three horizontal lines (Menu) in the top-left corner of the preview screen.
  4. Select Background Blur:
    • Choose the “Blur your background” option. Google Meet offers two levels of blur: Slight Blur and Strong Blur. Select the one that suits your preference.
  5. Confirm and Join: After selecting your preferred blur level, click on “Join now” to enter the meeting with a blurred background.

How to Blur Your Background During a Meeting

If you need to blur your background after joining a meeting, follow these steps:

  1. Open Meeting Controls: Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen to reveal the meeting controls.
  2. Access Background Settings:
    • On Desktop: Click on the three dots (More options) in the bottom-right corner.
    • On Mobile: Tap on the three horizontal lines (Menu) in the top-left corner.
  3. Select Background Blur: Choose “Blur your background” from the menu and select your desired level of blur.
  4. Apply and Continue: The background blur will be applied instantly. Continue with your meeting seamlessly.

Advanced Tips for Optimal Background Blur

To ensure the best experience with Google Meet’s background blur feature, consider the following tips:

1. Use Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting enhances the quality of the background blur. Ensure your face is well-lit with minimal shadows. Natural light or a ring light can significantly improve the effect.

2. Position Your Camera Correctly

Position your camera at eye level and ensure you are centered in the frame. This helps Google Meet distinguish between you and your background more accurately.

3. Maintain a Simple Background

While the blur feature is designed to handle complex backgrounds, a simple and uncluttered background can enhance the blur effect, providing a cleaner visual experience.

4. Update Your Software Regularly

Ensure your Google Meet application and device drivers are up to date. Regular updates often include performance improvements and bug fixes.

5. Test Before Important Meetings

Prior to important meetings, test the background blur feature to ensure it works as expected. This helps avoid any technical issues during the actual meeting.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter issues with the background blur feature, try the following solutions:

1. Check Device Compatibility

Ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements for Google Meet. Older devices or outdated operating systems may not support this feature.

2. Restart the Application

Sometimes, simply restarting the Google Meet application can resolve minor glitches. Close the app completely and reopen it.

3. Update Google Meet

Ensure you are using the latest version of Google Meet. Check for updates in your device’s app store or Google Chrome extensions.

4. Adjust Your Background

If the blur effect is inconsistent, try simplifying your background. Remove any highly reflective or moving objects that might confuse the software.


Blurring your background in Google Meet is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your virtual meeting experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure a professional, distraction-free environment for your video calls. Remember to keep your application updated and test the feature before important meetings to avoid any last-minute issues.

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